How To Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority in 2023?

If you’re looking to rank your website on Google’s 1st page. Also, you want to rank it at the number one (1) position. But you don’t know how to rank or boost your Domain Authority. In addition, you may be looking for how you can increase your website’s Domain Authority. If a person is doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), he/she must know that there are more than 200 ranking factors on Google. Among these Google’s ranking factors, domain authority is one of them. Without a doubt, within this blog, we’ll discuss in detail what domain authority is. What is the purpose of DA? And, how does it work in your website’s ranking? We have written a detailed article on “How To Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority?”, have a look below:

What is Domain Authority?

Although, domain authority is one of the most important ranking metrics. No one can deny it. The term domain authority is often referred to as DA. With  DA, you can assume or predict how your website will rank on any search engine. 

Domain Authority (DA) is a term used by MOZ. Moz assigns different scores to the different websites from 1 to 100. If you have a good higher score, it means there are most probably chances of higher ranking on any search engine result page (SERP). 

In other ways, domain authority also means that within the specific area of the field, topic, or industry, how relevant are your website and its content? Based on the MOZ score (DA), you can check the authority of your domain. In short, your site ranking can be the domain authority.

How To Increase Your Websote's Domain Authority

What is The Difference Between Domain Authority And Page Authority?

Without a doubt, there is a miner difference between domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). Most people get confused and mix up DA and PA. As domain authority is the authority of your whole domain and its sub-domain(s) or website.

While on the other hand, page authority is the authority of a particular/individual page.

What is the Best Score of Domain Authority?

Moz uses different methods and factors to calculate a website’s domain authority. Big brands like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google itself, and Microsoft have a higher domain authority score between 95 to 100.

Furthermore, If you have made a website that is fresh and new. Your DA might be zero or between 5 to 10. If your website’s DA is around 10 to 20, then it is pretty easy to increase the domain authority score of your website. 

On the behalf of the score, we have categorized how good or bad is site. Have a look at that:

  • Poor: If your website’s score is below 30, it means your domain is poor
  • Under Average: If you have a score of 31 to 40, your domain is below average.
  • Average: If you are between 41 to 50, your website’s authority is average.
  • Good: From 51 to 60, a website is considered as good.
  • Very Good: 61 to 70 is a very good score and the authority may be considered very good.
  • Excellent: Any score above 70 is excellent for a site.

Note: In search results, DA lets you predict the performance of your website.

How To Calculate Domain Authority?

MOZ and other Online DA checker tools are trying to learn Google ranking algorithms. So they may calculate the exact DA for the particular website. But, it can affect the other site’s ranking as well. In short, The given score must be used for comparison purposes. 

When we talk about Domain authority calculation criteria, different tools use different techniques and methodologies to calculate it. While on the other hand, MOZ uses over 40 methods and factors to calculate the DA score. From its 40 factors, We have enlisted some important factors that are given below: 

Root Domains Factor

Mostly, while looking at your profile links, MOZ also keeps looking at the number of unique backlinks on your website. Let’s assume, from a single website, you have multiple links. It will be considered a single root domain by MOZ. It is recommended to get links from numerous websites.

Core Web Vitals & Site Structure

For search engines like Google and Bing to crawl your website page, make sure that the structure of your website is easy for spiders (crawlers). By doing this, you can achieve a high DA. Also, you must provide a better and easy user experience to your visitors. Additionally, your site should be user-friendly.

Profile Linking

The link profile includes the number of internal and external links from the particular web page/post. By linking your post with higher authority sites, or your post/site gets a link from a high authority website; you can score a good number.

Moz Rank

In this factor, Moz calculates the total number of inbound links to your page. Furthermore, Moz also calculates the quality of those websites that are giving your inks.


If you are successfully able to get a score from trustworthy sites like a link from a university web page, a larger organization website, or from a governmental site. You can get a good Moz score.

How To Increase Your Website’s Website Domain Authority?

This is a long-term strategy while improving website domain authority. Here are some white-hat ways that will help you to increase website DA. Take a look below:

High-Quality Backlinks

As backlinks are an important ranking factor, it plays an important role to increase your website domain authority as well. According to Ahrefs research, there are more than 55.24% of websites that do not get any organic traffic because they do not have any backlinks. 

Also, it is worth saying that your website needs quality backlinks to improve its ranking on the search engine page. Moreover, there are multiple ways to get these backlinks and make your link profile stronger. From your referral sources, look for the site(s) having the same topic for backlinks. 

Spy On Competitors

It is recommended to take a look at your competitors. Also, look at their backlink sources. Try to get the link from the same source as your competitor. In addition, there is another easy way to get quality backlinks is by doing guest posting.

Remove Spam Links

Certainly, the backlinks from spammy or low authority sites that have no repute will consider spammy links. These kinds of links may increase the spam score of your website. Also, it may lower the page and domain authority of your website. These kinds of links may be created through automated software, bots, or by a person/competitor. Spammy links are known as unnatural links. Use Disavow Tool to remove suck kinds of paid/bad links from your website. Some SEO experts, Digital Marketers, and Webmasters use disavow tools to remove spam links.

In addition, they make a list of all spammy links and upload it to the Google Search Console. Google Webmaster’s crawler or algorithm read the links from the given file and considers it not to index. Most tools like Ahref, MOZ, and Semrush help you a lot regarding this process.

Procedure: How To Remove Spammy Links?

There are some steps involved to remove such spammy links from your website. Follow the procedure mentioned below to remove bad links:

  1. By using Semrush, MOZ, and Ahref, make a detailed list of all backlinks to your website. 
  2. Furthermore, you must sort the backlinks list from high DA to low DA.
  3. Check each backlink manually, and figure out which backlinks are bad for your website.
  4. Visit your linked Google Seach Console dashboard and put these domains or links there to disavow.

Create Unique Content

After the recent updates, Google does not compromise on content quality. Always make sure that you are using high-quality content for your website. Without a doubt, Google like good content and appreciate it. High-quality content will help you to rank higher. Also, it will help you to generate organic backlinks to your website. In short, your content should be easy to read and SEO-friendly for readers. 

In addition, you can use short but meaningful and informative content. Do not forget to mention a website as a reference in your article. 

  1. Do proper keyword research, and use it in your content wisely. 
  2. Properly add internal and external links.
  3. Use SEO-optimized images and videos in your content.
  4. Create infographics, detailed guides, slides, podcasts, and videos.

Good content will help you to score a higher rank, organic backlinks, higher authority, and more traffic.

Improve Powerful Internal & External Links

To boost your ranking and domain authority, backlinks and internal linking are the best solutions. For your website’s domain authority, backlinks work as a backbone. Actually, backlinks work as a vote that a high authority website passes to a new site. In short, the more backlinks, the more domain authority. 

Furthermore, you should never prefer quantity over quality. Moreover, a website with a good domain authority score that is linking to your website actually passes more authority rather than the multiple sites with low domain authority scores.

Create Profile Backlinks

An easy way to boost your domain authority is by creating profiles. Also, it will increase your website backlinks count. In addition, thousands of social media platform and websites available allows you to create a profile. Simply, you can add your website URL, page URL, or post URL there while creating a profile. That created profile will provide a backlink to your website just after indexing.

Reach Out To Influencers & Bloggers

Reaching out to the top websites with low spam scores and high domain authority is another way to get high-authority backlinks. The spam score should not be more than five (5). Also, You can reach out to them through their contact details, comments, email, etc. High-authority websites with low spam scores are known as Webmasters. Moreover, Ask them to post a blog on their website with your post/page/website link.

Also, It will count as a backlink too. Assure that the backlink you are getting from a particular website has good authority and reputation as well. Also, try to find a website related to your topic and niche. Additionally, the link should also be from a relevant post.

Get Free Links From Social Forums

Social forums websites like Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, etc. are the largest and best platform to get traffic. Also, in someone’s conversation, these platforms allow you to paste a link to your website/page/post. During answering a problem or a question, you can place your website’s link. Moreover, It will also count as a backlink by creating a profile. These kinds of backlinks are known as profile backlinks. 

Also, here on these platforms, make sure that you have verified the spam score of the particular website.

Properly Internal Linking

Without a doubt, doing internal linking will not directly affect your website’s domain authority. But for sure, it will be fruitful for your website. On the sear engine result page, a properly internally linked website will rank higher on Search Engines. Additionally, when you are getting good traffic and good rank, other websites will start to mention your website and its URL as a reference.

In their article, that reference will be counted as a backlink. Also, the reference will pass their authority to your website. It is the quite simple and easiest way to boost your DA and backlinks count.

How To Check Domain Authority & Page Authority?

There are multiple ways to check DA and PA of your website. Have a look below:

By Using Ahrefs

Ahref is the most popular online SEO tool to check the domain authority score of a website. Basically, some people use it as a domain authority checker tool. According to Ahref, Domain authority is named Domain Rating (DR). But, there is no difference between domain rating and domain authority. Certainly, both are the same things.

Domain Authority

For calculating DA, Ahrefs uses its own algorithms and factors. You might encounter a slight difference if you check domain authority through any other tool instead of Ahrefs. DA & PA Checker

At the same time, allows you to check the authority of twenty (20) domains or websites. The Online DA PA checker by is such an amazing tool in the market. Also, it has two features or options in it. The first option is “Exclude same URL”. And the second one is “Exclude same domain”.

  • Exclude the same URL: This option helps you to get the page authority of the web pages individually.
  • Exclude same domain: It will let you know the overall domain authority of a website.

MOZ Link Explorer

MOZ is the most widely used tool for its various purpose. While on the hand, MOZ link explorer is a module or sub-tool of MOZ. It is used to calculate the domain authority of any website. Simply, You have to enter the URL/Domain name in the link explorer of MOZ. Within a few moments, it will let you know the domain authority.

Not only this but also, this tool will let you know the total backlinks with details of that website. Also, you may be able to see root domains, keywords, ranking keywords, keywords by traffic, and so on. By exploring this tool, you will also be able to see the top anchor text, top pages, and so on.

Powered By MOZ, DA PA check is another tool to check the domain authority of any website. Also, it lets you search domain authority of 20 domains at the same time. In addition, unlike, it also has both options: Excluding the same domain and excluding the same URL.

With this tool, MOZ rank, indexed pages, page authority, and spam score can also be checked. Luckily, is a free-to-use tool. Also, you can download free reports and it is unlimited.


How to increase a website’s domain authority?

Although, we have discussed above how to increase website’s domain authority. The method is simple and easy. Remove spam backlinks, approach bloggers, internal and external linking, good content, proper keyword placement, etc help you to get a higher ranking and higher authority score. By doing so, you can improve domain authority very fast.

Is a domain authority having a 50 score good?

Somehow, it is good. But, according to some SEO experts, 50 is just an average score for a particular website authority.


We hope that you have read the full article on “how to increase your website’s domain authority” and that helps you regarding your query. As backlinks are the main factor in ranking higher and improving domain authority. However, there are many ways to get free backlinks organically and manually. Read the full procedure mentioned above Keep analyzing your website’s backlinks. Also, you can use online DA PA checker tools to keep an eye on your website. Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding the DA/PA or backlinks, please let us know in the comment box or write us through our Contact Us page or email. Thank You!

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